Give Your Pet a Break

Make a reservation for cat or dog boarding in Texarkana, AR

You’re going out of town for the weekend, and your dog deserves more than to be taken outside once a day by your pet sitter. Call Care Pet Clinic Texarkana of Texarkana, AR to make a reservation for pet boarding at our vetinary clinic. We’ll feed your pet, walk them and allow them to play with other pets. If your pet is sensitive or picky about their food, just bring their own food so they can stick to their normal diet.

Dial 870-330-4740 now to book a spot for your cat or dog.

We are unable to board big dogs (45lbs+ )

What your pet can expect

What your pet can expect

During their stay at our boarding facility, your pet can look forward to:

  • Stretching their legs in an outdoor, fenced area
  • Playing in a safe and well-monitored facility
  • Interacting with other cats and dogs
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Enjoying an active time away from home

Begin planning your pet’s stay at Care Pet Clinic Texarkana today.